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Vehicles of Doomsday

This was the first mention of Doomsday news that I  came across, "It's just been confirmed that Neil Marshall, writer / director of the current 'Top Horror Film of the Year' The Descent has had his next project, Doomsday, greenlit by US production companies Rogue Pictures and Crystal Sky Pictures. Doomsday has been pitched as a 'futuristic action thriller with political overtones, in the vein of Mad Max'."
Mad Max you say! Well from then on I was well amped for the next bit of news on the movie and it was exactly what I wanted to hear. It went like this..."We also have a bunch of mechanical geniuses contsructing a whole fleet of post-apocalyptic vehicles, including two massive APC's (each about the size of a double decker bus) and a Cannibal Marauder's 'Gimp Chariot'. Our main villain, the burtal Sol, drives an old Jaguar with the skin of his victims stretched like hide over its body. The props guys have created an arsenal of flamethrowers, spears, chains and blades, all of which are likely to make contact with human flesh at some point during the story. Nice!" 

Here's the results...
The workshop with vehicles under construction. I wonder what became of that white station-wagon on the right? 
Ford transit. This was a great shot in the movie.
 Vehicle concept art by Jaeson Finn
 The Gimp chariot which seemed to have a Ford Cortina for it's rear end.
 More of Jaeson Finn's concepts.
 Sol's old jag which I actually wish had been a later model.
 It's the little touches that make it happen!

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One of the high points of Doomsday was the character Viper played professional stunt woman, actress and coordinator Lee-Anne Liebenberg