"Back in 1999 I was invited to Australia to start developing storyboards for the 4th part of a successful film franchise then in early pre-production in Sydney. I didn’t stay long as my fathers failing health necessitated that I return home and I didn’t do any boarding whilst there as the script hadn’t quite reached a stage where embarking on that process would have been useful. So, to justify my presence, I started working on some vehicle designs. 
I very much doubt that I am credited now the film has, some 16 years later, finally, been released nor is it likely that any of my work will make any Art Of… book but that’s OK, I enjoyed the work and the trip to Oz and I’m happy to see that the reviews have been excellent. 
Anway, here are a few of those designs. They were originally completed with pencil and marker on paper but have, subsequently, undergone some Photoshop tweaking."
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