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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jim Goose's KZ1000 Kwaka.


Unknown said...

Dear Morrisminor
I am a big supporter of Kawasaki motorcycles. Your pictures of a Jim Goose Kwaka are excellent.
I am about to write a book with pictures, a short story and basic technical details about Kawasaki motorcycles. Pictures of this motorcycle would complete the "Special Editions" section.
For this proposed book I would like to kindly ask for your permission to use these images.
I look forward to hear from you and say many thanks in advance.
Kind regards.
Stefan Oehl, 11 Eagle Court, Newport Queensland, Australia

Morrisminor said...

Hi Stefan, Sorry I didn't reply sooner as I was doing a lot of travel.
All the images from this post have been gathered from multiple Mad Max sites and forums around the web. They are not mine so I can't offer physical book printed clearance for them. That said if you still want to use them go ahead.

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