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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fury Road Holden Ute.

Back in October of 2009 during the announcement of production on Mad Max Fury Road at the Redfern Carriage-works, this particular Ute was on display as George Miller described how many of the motors in the new film would follow this design idea as he put it in his terms "all the vehicles are hybrid cobbled together from the wrecks of the  past". This Rat Rod was assumed by most to have not been from the production but a custom build put on show to enhance the press release event. This theory was reinforced when later some video displayed on Youtube showed the ute ripping around a field in rural Australia.
Cut to three years later and some photos from the shoot reveal that the Ute actually did make it into the movie and on locations in Namibia!

The Ute as seen at the Redfern press event.
 Some shots of the car before engine enhancement.
In it's previous life at a car show.
 On set in Namibia (on the left of both shots).
 An amazing piece of concept art by Alex Ronald with a vehicle displaying the same outrageous blower as the Ute. Purpose of this art is unknown, possibly for game development.
The youtube clip showing the Ute in action.

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