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Monday, November 28, 2011

Fairlane fire stunt from Mad Max 2

From various sources I collected images of Mad Max 2  and whilst recently looking through them I realized that amongst some of them  sequential and relative connections could be made. So case in point being the 74 Fairlane car with which I put together a little photo essay on its spectacular demise in Mad Max 2.

Here's a nice profile of the 74 Fairlane.
The following three shots are from the movie as the car gets molotoved!
Looking at the hood there appears to be some kind of foam material spread across it.
Maybe it's some kind of flame accelerator.
A behind the scenes shot of the camera car ahead of the chase leading to the Fairlane jump stunt. Notice the ramp on the left side of the road.
Fairlane fireball!
This image appears to have been taken by someone on the camera truck. It was used a lot as a publicity still for the movie. Chances are that the jump was also shot on film from this angle onboard the camera truck. If that were the case one would have to wonder why this shot didn't make it into the movie being as spectacular as it is?
Its crash as it's seen in the film captured by a low set unmanned camera.
The Fairlane's final rest!


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Great post. Thanx

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Holy smokes! Thanks man, Good stuff!

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