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Fury Road

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fury Road delayed...again.

Well it seems official and has been confirmed by two different reports from the press. Key crew members were told to stand down as pre-production will not resume until the Autumn of next  year and actual production won't start until 2012! Man, am I so depressed right now!

Anyway here's a sampling of some images of what the vehicular conceptions "may" have or possibly will lean towards in the film if it ever gets made!

First up... from Fury Road's 2003's unrealized incarnation comes this pic of an Interceptor built by a South African visual effects engineering company for the proposed shoot in Namibia. 
Next are two pics taken of vehicles snapped as they were being transported on their way to Broken Hill.
The front end image is that of a '59 Cadillac.

The following satellite shot is of Hills Transport facillity in Sydney's Fairfield suburb where the vehicles were constructed.

Lastly from Australia's Channel 7 news during a report of Adrian Bennett's Mad Max Museum came this shot of what looks like a stunt rehearsal.

Lush green growth after a very wet Spring on the terrain around Broken Hill seems to be the going popular reason for the delay! 

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