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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mad Max Renegade screening.

This past weekend there was a screening of Paul Miller's fan film Mad Max Renegade here in Los Angeles for which there was quiet an audience turn out. Special guest was actor Vernon Wells, ( the Mighty Wez from Mad Max 2), who shared some tales from his experiences in the film industry and working with George Miller on the second Mad Max film.

Paul Miller's film has a really good Mad Max story. Its not just a random or stand alone event in the Mad Max universe. There is a reveal in it that's unexpected, surprising and dare I say...fun! When this happens in the movie it gives two things to the audience, the first thing being a moment of perfect entertainment, a plot pay-off if you will. Secondly, this is an event that has ties with and expands on the Mad Max mythos. For the delivery of those two elements Mad Max Renegade rises to the challenge and succeeds in the promise of what a great fan film should be.
Add to that a fine portrayal of Max by Liam Fountain and good production values and of course being set in the world of Mad Max there is action, violence and some really cool looking cars!  

 Director Paul Miller (right) and actor Liam Fountain.
Liam Fountain and Vernon Wells.
"You can run, but you can't hide!"

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