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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Slipstream UK brochure

This brochure was used in the UK to promote the movie Slipstream. The concept of the movie was great with some top acting talent in the cast and yet the film fell far short of expectations. Thats not to say that there is'nt anything to enjoy about Slipstream. Bob Peck gave a great performace as a quirky fugitive, the production design had some nice touches and the cinematography and lighting are excellent. The latter being something that you could only judge if saw it in widescreen format. Unfortunately Slipstream has had a subpar life on dvd with pretty much all official copies being full frame/pan and scan editions and touted all over place in numerous "public domain" copies that are of a truly awful quality. The only widescreen version available is from the Japanese laserdisc which has large intrusive sub-titles.

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allen etter said...

I actually really enjoyed Slipstream. I had no idea at all what the story was going to be about.

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